Smart Wallets for Sale by Wallor

Over 3,000 pre-orders for the most innovative tracking solution for your wallet and your valuables

Change is the only Constant

Wallor 2.0 will not only dramatically affect the way you locate lost items, but will learn and adapt to your behavior so that you don’t lose anything in the first place.

Premium features, inside and out

Inside every Wallor - An array of advanced tech functions integrated in the slimmest smart wallet available; all wrapped in beautiful nappa leather with a finely crafted stitch.

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Worldwide GPS

Your Wallor comes equipped with the latest, most advanced GPS tracking technology on the market. These devices can track the movement of your smart wallet even from another continent! This powerful GPS connects through the Wallor app on your smartphone, so peace of mind is always right at your fingertips.

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More than a Tracker

With Wallor, you have access to a complete tracking ecosystem. Attach a tracking tag to anything, give it a name, and start actively monitoring all of your most valuable belongings. You can pinpoint the exact location of Wallor’s patented long-range tracking tags using augmented reality on your smartphone

Visual Tracking

Before Wallor 2.0, the only way tracking systems located lost items was with a ringing sound. Imagine losing your wallet or valuable item in a nightclub. Augmented Reality solves that issue James Bond style.

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Proactive Guardian

An active learning assistant AI that prevents you from forgetting things before you even knew you forgot them. Smart planning feature enables you to plan ahead and track the items you need for any outing.

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There's a Wallor for everyone


Bifold Horizontal Smart Wallet

$248.00 From $179.00

Bifold Vertical Smart Wallet

$248.00 From $179.00

Cardholder Split Smart Wallet

$220.00 From $169.00

Travel Smart Wallet

$298.00 From $189.00

Full Smart Wallet Set

$670.00 $420.00