Cure Back Pain with Next Generation Smart Wallets

Size matters even when it comes to your wallet. Carrying more cash and business cards in your back pockets is the leading cause of chronic back pain. Next generation wallets that combine technological security with the lightweight design are the modern solution to Wallet Neuropathy (clinical name for back pains resulting from bulky wallets).

Here’s what’s happening

At men, thicker wallets compress large nerves in the gluteus maximus region causing inflammation, which can result in mild tingling to weakening pain in the lower back. Sitting on a pile of cards, coins, and bills will put tremendous stress on your hip joint, which pinches the sciatic nerve, leading to a condition called sciatica that sends aches all the way down to legs.

With a thicker wallet in your back pocket, chances are that you will tilt your pelvis to one side, which will just put more stress on your spine.

As you know, sitting upright is essential for a healthy lower back. Thick traditional wallets, overloaded with cards, coins and cash, prevent you from achieving that perfect body posture.

The solution is found in super slim fit design of men’s wallets

A super slim fit wallet, designed to free you from the dozens of loyalty and business cards, prevents Wallet Neuropathy. It’s that simple.

We know what you’re thinking. Those cards are needed.

Don’t worry. Cards won’t go anywhere. They are with you - at all times.

Cards are simply stored into an app to bulk down on the size of the wallet even more

You see, next generation smart wallets for men are:

  • handcrafted from the highest quality leather to ensure durability and slim design.

Wallor, a handcrafted super slim fit wallet for men, made from the highest quality leather.

  • equipped with the high-tech features such as RFID protection of contactless cards and Bluetooth functionality.

rfid-blocking-material in Wallor wallets

  • Wallor, in particular, brings a novelty into the world of men’s fashion and smart wallets: a GPS tracking system that doesn’t even require Wi-Fi or SIM card.

Wallor is equipped with the independent global-range satellite tracking and short-range Bluetooth alarm and notification system.

  • and then, there’s also the app through which the wallet communicates with your smartphone that, in the same time, allows you to store all of your cards and simply pick the one you need from the easy-to-browse library.

Remember: health comes first!

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