Next Generation Smart Wallets with RFID Protection and GPS Tracking

Those who are not using smart wallets are easy targets for high-tech thieves.

$4.2 million has been "skimmed" from the contactless cards in the first 6 months of 2016 in US alone. Victims are completely unaware of the attack on their wallets. Add 1.5 million wallets that get lost or stolen every year all around the world and you can see the size of the problem.

Have you seen Ocean's Eleven? Matt Damon is the iconic symbol of a skillful old-school thief who can get your wallet out of your inner pocket. And guess what? You won't even notice it.

RFID skimmingHigh-tech crooks don't even have to go that close to you. For just $300, he or she can buy a RFID - Radio Frequency Identifier - scanner and "download" all of your cash without you even noticing it. 

How can you even be aware of the fact that someone is literally picking your wallet and your credit cards when nobody is even close to you?

They are everywhere around you these days, because RFID scanners became affordable and easy to get. Once the scanner identifies the corresponding frequency of your card, your money is send off-shore. It's gone. So is the perp, whom, by the way, you can't even identify since you've never seen him.

The question is: how can we protect ourselves and our wallets?

RFID protection structureNext generation smart wallets are fashion merged with high-tech.

RFID blocking material built in the design of the smart wallet is protecting your contactless cards. Scanner simply can't get through.

In comparison, older generation smart wallets, require separate RFID-blocking casings which adds up to the bulk of your wallet.

However, you can still fall victim of our traditional pickpocket.

wallet pickpocketWhat can you do against those stretchy and skillful fingers, capable of drawing out the wallet even from the inside of your thick winter coat? How can you find your wallet?

Because 2 out of 3 victims don't even realize that their wallets have been stolen until they have to use them next time. That's how good these thieves are.


One way of solving this problem was to add a simple Bluetooth device that will activate a beeper hidden inside the smart wallet.

This feature proved itself as the most useful prevention from leaving your smart wallet behind; or locating a displaced one.

As soon as the distance between you and the wallet increases, system gets triggered. You either hear the alarm coming from your wallet, or your smartphone app, connected to your wallet, starts the sound alert. Same effect is achieved after initiating the Bluetooth tracking system via app. Signal will lead you to your displaced smart wallet with utmost precision.

But this security feature is limited due to the relative short range of UHF signal used in Bluetooth technology. And let's face it, 99,9% of the professional pickpockets are faster than 99.9% of people. It's part of their profession.

Once they pickpocket the victim, they are gone and as soon as the distance cross approx. 50 yards, signal is lost. Quite often, forever.

To deal with this limitation, next generation smart wallets are equipped with GPS tracking.

Wallor Smart wallet comes with GPS trackingDistance is irrelevant. Tap the app twice, like it's the case with Wallor App which connects with our Wallor Smart, and you'll see a precise location of your smart wallet on a map.

By using the global positioning signal in conjunction with the advanced app, you can be in New York and locate your wallet in London, +/- 5 feet.

If someone manage to snatch your wallet, you can track its movement in real time.

GPS technology in ultra-slim smart wallets presents the very latest development in wearable technology and fashion accessories. Connected to the app installed on any type of the smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows), it provides users with the extended security - something not seen so far in wallet fashion industry and design.

Combined with Bluetooth technology for short-range communication, it transforms the essential wearable into a high-tech asset.

It's the next generation wearable for a modern man. A fashion that communicates with you. Protect yourself. Protect your money.

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Brandon Mclaurin

Like the wallet would like to see a modern rigid edc with multi tool capsule or tactical pen

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