Design & Manufacturing

Where are Wallor products designed?

The design process started in Alicante, Spain, where one guy had a problem he wanted to solve. Wallor office is equipped with a design lab that lets us prototype new styles using graphic design, 3D software and other fun design toys. Occasionally our team works with external designers in places like Romania or the USA to collaborate on special projects. This helps keep things fresh, with new ideas and techniques flowing through our HQ on a regular basis.

Where are Wallor products made?

We have tested suppliers from different continents until we reached an agreement with our current manufacturers. Located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, they offer the best balance between quality and value. This is where all of our products come to life.

Wireless and phone charging solutions are manufactured in Shenzhen. Our partners together with our product manager Wang Shuxia offer very high-quality equipment and certificates to give us the top quality warranty each of our products comes with. One of the main requirement from each of our suppliers was the production capacity. Each manufacturer needs to have a production capacity of minimum 10,000 units per month and at least 3 quality control points in the manufacturing line.

We recognize there can be concerns when manufacturing in these regions, so all of our major suppliers must have top quality certifications. We have also met with each supplier personally and tested their staff to make sure they are not using underage people. At Wallor, environmental and social responsibilities are taken very seriously.

How will my purchase be packaged?

We have custom-made high-quality boxes for every product which will wrap up your high-end luxury product and protect it from the elements.

How many credit cards do the products fit?

For each Wallor wallet style, you will see the number of credit cards that can fit in the specific wallet, in the description on each product page. This is always a range and is included in the features list located just under ‘Add to Cart’. You can see we recommend 4– 8+ cards for our Slim Sleeve, for example.