I need a crash course. How does all of this work? 

    Happy you asked.

    WALLOR Smart

    Every Wallor 2.0 wallet (excluding the Lite range) has an integrated tracking device which connects with your phone through the mobile app. Through the Wallor app, you can GPS track your wallet, in real time, anywhere in the world. If your wallet gets stolen or left behind, you get notified through the app as soon as your phone and your wallet are out of the range. You can set the range to either 16.5ft (5m), 33ft (10m) or 164ft (50m).

    You can also track your keys, passport, cards, ID and any other valuables with the Wallor Tracking Tags. Find out how they work below the TRACKING TAGS section below.

    Plus, every Wallor reward comes with an easy to follow setup guide. So you’ll get your Wallor up and running in minutes after you receive it.

    WALLOR Lite

    Every Wallor Lite comes as a high quality genuine leather wallet plus an integrated, removable Power Bank, so you can charge your phone wirelessly using your wallet anytime, anywhere.


    Read the FAQs below for questions about the integrated tracker and GPS for the Wallor 2.0 range (this excludes the Lite range).

    Do all Wallor wallets come with the integrated smart tracker?

    All the wallets in the 2.0 range come with the integrated Wallor tracking device. This excludes the Lite range.

      Is the Real-Time GPS Tracking accurate in any part of the world?

        Yes! Our GPS works worldwide in real time and is accurate everywhere, up to 16.5ft (5m). We’ve already tested it worldwide and the system automatically connects to the local phone network and sends the location to the cloud.

        Do I need a sim card in order for the GPS to work?

        No, you don’t. Our trackers come with an embedded sim card that is connected to an IoT data plan. It’s compatible worldwide and automatically switches between networks depending on the location. 

        Is the tracking system dependent on Internet or roaming?

        No, none of that. Your wallet will automatically connect to the local network through our integrated eSim.

          What is the GPS coverage?

          We are using a new network called NB-IoT and eMTC for GPS, that supports small data transfers and the module that connects to this network comes with a low battery usage. You can find a list of full coverage areas here: https://www.gsma.com/iot/deployment-map/

          For the areas that don’t support NB-IoT or eMTC yet, we combine it with 2G networks. 

          How much does the data plan cost?

          As a someone who pre-orders, because you’re awesome and we want to reward your support, you get a free lifetime data plan. If you pre-order our GPS Tracking card, you will have a 1 year free data plan with a $5 per month afterwards.

          Will you use Google Maps?

          We will use Google Maps for directions, while the tracking itself will be done using Wallor Maps, which are just as accurate and easy to use as Google Maps.


          Read the FAQs below for questions about the tracking tags.

          How do the Tracking Tags work?

          Your Wallor tracking tags use Bluetooth 5.1 chip for scanning. They’re ultra-thin (only 1mm) and let you track anything you want. Pair your tags with your 2.0 wallet and connect them to the app.

          Every tag can be tracked using these two options:

            • If the tag is outside of the 300ft (100m) range, it’s disconnected from the wallet. In the app, you can see the last known location of your tag, time stamped with the exact moment your wallet went out of range.
            • If the tag is within the 300ft (100m) range, it’s connected to the wallet. You can use Augmented Reality to find out where exactly in that range is your tagged object.

          Can I put tracking tags on my credit cards?

          You sure can. Our tags are paper-thin and can be attached on everything including credit cards. We don’t use any kind of magnets, so your credit cards will always be safe with the Wallor tracking tags.

            Do I receive notifications when the objects with tracking tags attached are going out of range?

            Yes, we’ve got you covered. You can activate this function through the mobile app to receive either sound or pop-up notifications on your phone.

            How do I connect each tag to the app?

              Let’s say you want to track your passport. Stick the tracking tag on it. Place the tagged passport on top of your already connected wallet, so they can be paired together. Then hold your phone over them, using the app to scan and identify the tag with a simple click. Rename the tag to “Passport” (or something like ‘Dave’s Awesome P@ssport’ if that’s your thing) and as soon as you’re done, you can see it in the app as a connected item.

              CHARGING & POWER BANK

              Read the FAQs below for questions about charging and the power bank.

              Do all wallets come with a power bank?

              Yes. All the wallets in both the 2.0 range and the Lite range come with a lightweight integrated power bank (around 0.25in / 6mm thick). All the power banks are completely detachable.

              The power banks come in 3 sizes:

                • Card Holder Split - 1,500 mAh (about 60% of an iPhone X)

                • Bifold - 2,500 mAh (about 92% of an iPhone X)

                • Travel - 4,000 mAh (about 160% of an iPhone X)

              What is the 2.0 wallet’s battery life and how long does it take to charge?

              Every Wallor 2.0 wallet has a long battery life of around 20-30 days depending on the usage and it fast-charges in only 1 hour with our wireless charging dock (included with every Wallor 2.0 wallets pre-order). 

              Can I use the fast wireless charging dock to charge anything else besides my 2.0 wallet?

              Yes, of course. Our charging dock uses the same wireless fast charging technology needed for phones also. So you can use it for any device that is compatible with QI wireless charging, such as your smartphone (iPhone, Samsung or any brands that are compatible). It can fast-charge any phone that has 10W capacity. 

              When you charge your 2.0 wallet, what exactly is getting charged?

              When you place your 2.0 wallet on the charging dock, you charge the integrated tracking device.

                How do I charge the wireless power bank?

                Your power bank comes with the cables needed to charge it. The Wallor power banks work with 5W, because they are not allowed to use fast charging.

                What wattage does the Wallor wireless charger have?

                  The Wallor wireless charger has 10W, supporting iPhone X And Samsung S9 fast charging.

                  At what wattage can the power bank be charged?

                    The Wallor power banks work with 5W, because they are not allowed to use fast charging.


                    Read the FAQs below for questions about the RFID functionality of Wallor.

                    Is there a pocket that is not RFID blocked?

                      Every Wallor wallet has full RFID protection. It’s for your own good. For the Bifold and Travel wallets, we have integrated an outside temporary holder for your train ticket or boarding pass, so you can use that whenever you need it.

                      Does the RFID protection only work for credit cards or also for work security cards?

                      The RFID protection in the Wallor wallets works for every card that can be scanned using RFID devices. This applies to everything including bank cards or security cards.

                      WALLOR APP

                      Read the FAQs below for questions about the Wallor App

                      Is the Wallor app compatible with both iOS and Android?

                      Yes. We’ll be adding support for Windows Phones as well in the near future.

                        Can I access the app from another device to track my stolen phone?

                        Yes. The app will be connected to our tracking portal which can be accessed from any device, such as a tablet.

                          What happens if both my 2.0 wallet and phone are stolen at the same time?

                          Wow, that’s a tight spot to be in. But we’ve got you covered. The Wallor app will have a feature similar to the “Find My iPhone” one, that you can access from any secondary device. This feature is already in the works and will be available before your Wallor 2.0 reaches you.

                          ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS

                          Read the FAQs below for questions about the alerts and notifications.

                          If I forget my 2.0 wallet or someone steals it, how fast do I get notified?

                          You get a notification as soon as your wallet is out of the safety range. You can set the range to one of three options: 16.5ft (5m), 33ft (10m) or 164ft (50m). The entire Wallor 2.0 smart family has an integrated smart function that marks as “safe” locations in which you are stationary for a longer time. You can control the size of the area through the app. By default, a safe location comes with an area of 16.5ft (5m). If the phone and wallet leave the area together, no notification will be sent and the wallet will be marked as safe and on the move.

                            I can’t find my phone. Does my Wallor 2.0 help with that?

                            Sure does! The Wallor logo on your wallet is actually a hidden button. When you press it, your phone will light up, vibrate and sound. These options can be controlled through the app settings.

                              What happens if someone grabs your phone and runs away?

                                Once that happens, the movement sensor activates and your wallet starts ringing. Then, if you press the Wallor logo button on the 2.0 wallet, your phone starts ringing. That’s how you can quickly identify the  mofo that dared to steal from you, especially in a crowd where this would otherwise be impossible. But if for example your wife borrows your phone and you want this functionality turned off, you can do that in the app.

                                Can I customize the alarms for each wallet and tracked item with a different sound?

                                Yes. For every item you use the tracking tags for, you can customize the alarm. You can also set up a different ringtone for each of your Wallor wallets.

                                  Can I switch off the automatic alerts when the wallet moves out of range?

                                  Yes. You can disable alerts and push notifications from the app.

                                    Will I be notified when the battery is low for my wallet - the tracker in Wallor 2.0?

                                    Yes, duh. You’ll get an alert on your phone similar to the “Low Battery” notification.

                                    What Bluetooth version is Wallor 2.0 using?

                                    All Wallor 2.0 wallets come with Bluetooth 5.1 (BLE 5.1).

                                    NOT ABOUT THE TECH

                                    Read the FAQs below for questions that are not about the technology integrated in Wallor.

                                    What are the dimensions of Wallor?

                                    Here are the dimensions of all the Wallor wallets, in this order: length x width x height (fully loaded). For more details and pictures, check out the “Meet The Players” section on our campaign page.
                                    • Card Holder Slim: 2.7 x 4.2 x 0.4 inches / 7 x 10 x 1.2 cm

                                    • Bifold Horizontal: 3.5 x 3.9 x 0.7 inches / 9 x 10 x 1.8 cm

                                    • Bifold Vertical: 3.9 x 3.5 x 0.7 inches / 10 x 9 x 1.8 cm

                                    • Travel: 5.4 x 4.3 0.7 inches / 13.8 x 11 x 1.8 cm

                                    How much do the Wallor wallets weigh?


                                    Is Wallor waterproof?

                                    No leather product with stitching can be fully waterproofed, so that’s your #TodayILearned. Both the tracking device inside the wallet and the power banks are waterproof. The wallet itself is water resistant, so you’re fine even if it rains. But don’t go deep sea diving with it, man. And definitely don’t put it in the washing machine, even though you’re going to get a notification if you do that.

                                    Can I fit bills / banknotes into Wallor?

                                    Yes. You can fit bills into any wallet in the Wallor family. In the Card Holder Split, the bills should be folded. Bifold Horizontal and Bifold Vertical have a dedicated bill pocket that fits all major currencies. Travel has a large pocket in which you can fit your bills.

                                    Can I store coins in the Wallor wallet?

                                    Yes. All Wallor wallets come with a pocket that can be used for coins, besides the dedicated power bank pocket. That can also be used for coins, if you need it. Does anyone need two pockets for coins?!

                                    How careful do I have to be about sitting on Wallor if it’s in my back pocket?

                                    The tracker inside the wallet is very well protected in a hard plastic case. That keeps it safe and resistant to heavy weights, so no reason to stress here. 

                                    What kind of leather is Wallor made of?

                                    As a standard, all wallets in the Wallor family are made of high quality genuine Nappa leather. However, a vegan microfiber leather option is among our stretch goals. 

                                    Does the wallet fit into a standard back and front pocket of jeans or pants?

                                    Yes, all including the travel wallet fit in both back and front pockets. 

                                    Do I have to pay VAT/tax when I receive my Wallor?

                                    No, you don’t. We are shipping your Wallor from one of our four international logistic points, which means no customs fees for you. You’re welcome :)

                                    Does Wallor come with a warranty?

                                    Yes. Your Wallor comes with two years warranty.

                                    Got a question we haven’t answered?

                                    Contact us anytime through chat or at contact@wallor.co and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.