Social responsibility and environmental protection are our main priorities. We want to make sure our products are used and ease up your life for as long as possible. That's why we have researched over 50 types of leather and interviewed over 40 manufacturers until we found the perfect materials and partners, that bring our products to life.

Our Leather

Premium oil leather is durable, soft, supple and it stands the test of time. Age is not a number anymore for this type of leather. The older it is, the better it looks, so you will receive a beautiful and unique character depending on how you use it. That's what makes it ideal for wallets or other small carry goods. 

Our Complementary Technologies

Our wireless chargers are developed using high-quality materials such as inductive coils which charge your phone without overheating, or special aluminum and silicone combination which comes with protection against short circuits. Everything is carefully tested, measured and chosen to deliver the best experience to our customers.