Product Specifications

What is your product range?

Our company's main mission is to simplify your life by combining technology with fashion. We started with our wallet, through our Kickstarter campaign with the main idea of providing you with the safest wallet on the market. However, that was not enough.

As a regular user, every day, your wallets are bulky, they are creating back pain and losing one wallet can create a bureaucratic nightmare. On the other hand, we live in a time when we're surrounded by technology. Phones are smarter than ever, thieves come with new technology updates and improving your wallet security is more important than ever. That's why we have created a perfect ecosystem which includes:

  1. Regular wallets 
  2. Smart Wallets
  3. Phone cases
  4. Wireless chargers
  5. Wireless receivers - true wireless receivers innovation
  6. High-quality magnetic charging cables

How slim are your wallets?

Let's say that they're not as slim as a cling film, but they're at least 50% slimmer than iPhone. 

What is your ecosystem?

Our main goal is to make your life easier. For that, we gave our wallet a complete functionality. You can track it, ring it, keep it safe and you can slim it down. Carrying everyday cards, especially the fidelity cards, increase the bulkiness of your wallet. For that, we wrote an article on how to carry less.

But we didn't stop there. We have also added a nice functionality in our Wallor app which gives you the possibility to keep your fidelity cards safe and reduce the bulkiness of your wallet.

Are Wallor products RFID protected?

RFID skimming is real and is becoming a widespread activity among thieves.  That's why our Italian Smart, Nappa Smart are RFID protected. However, because of our GPS tracking technology, we had to optimize the wallet to make it both slim and to add the GPS device between the leather and the RFID protection layer. If it happens to find any issues with our device, please contact our customer support by emailing us or calling us.

What is RFID Protection?

Have you seen Ocean's Eleven? Matt Damon is the iconic symbol of a skillful old-school thief who can get your wallet out of your inner pocket. And guess what? You won't even notice it.

High-tech crooks don't even have to go that close to you. For just $300, he or she can buy an RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier) scanner and "download" all of your cash without you even noticing it. 

How can you even be aware of the fact that someone is literally picking your wallet and your credit cards when nobody is even close to you?

They are everywhere around you these days because RFID scanners became affordable and easy to get. Once the scanner identifies the corresponding frequency of your card, your money is sent off-shore. It's gone. So is the perp, whom, by the way, you can't even identify since you've never seen him. For more details, please check our blog on RFID Protection

How does Tracking work?

Your wallet is together with your phone 99% of the time. The best way to keep this connection active is through Bluetooth. More precisely BLE 4.0 technology. To cover the remaining 1%, we have added a GPS system which communicates with the satellite through a data plan. Everything is connected with our Wallor app which will be available for download starting on June 1st for both iOS and Android. 

What is Wallor App?

Wallor App is our mobile solution for covering your wallet security. The app has 4 main functionalities:
  1. Connect your wallet with the app by scanning the wallet when you receive it
  2. Receive notifications when the wallet goes away from your environment
  3. Find the wallet location if you lost it
  4. Add your fidelity cards by scanning them and uploading them to our app.

How about the data plan?

Well, it will be free for the first year. After it's done, you will pay a "huge" amount of $5 per month, with global coverage. Yes, you read it right, $5 per month or $50 per year to keep your wallet and IDs safe.