The best Smart Wallet design yet. This is Evolution.

Our smart tech is the defining feature of Wallor Wallets, and Wallor 2.0 pushes this tech even further to the limits. These smart wallets integrate powerful technology into a sleek design without compromising style or function.

Helpful tech shouldn’t weigh you down

The ultra-thin GPS system in a Wallor is designed to be invisible, so your smart wallet will look slim and sleek. Other smart wallets on the market are bulky, heavy, and lumpy. Wallors contain the most advanced tracking system available, while still being stylishly slender.

Great things come in optimized packages

Each component of Wallor’s technology is optimized to be as small as possible, while still being more powerful than ever. The new GPS system in Wallor 2.0 is 25% thinner, yet includes 200% more functionality. The incredibly thin battery can deliver up to 20 days of battery life on a single charge.

Fashionable craftsmanship

Wallor smart wallets are designed with quality stitching and crafted from nappa leather. This high-quality material feels luxurious to the touch, and is durable enough to withstand the test of time.

Two systems. One complete solution.

Along with a smart wallet, ultra-thin Wallor tracking tags can help give you peace of mind. Up to 16 tags, equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and an accelerometer, can be connected to a wallet. These incredible tracking capabilities are also included in the sleek detachable power banks.

A miracle of miniaturization.

The design of a Wallor smart wallet is the perfect blend of form and function. The pockets are expertly stitched, and still look thin even while full. These eye-catching wallets have a timeless, classic beauty that looks great for any occasion.

GPS iOT chip

Wallor smart wallets contain 3 complete iOT networks fabricated into a single component. This architecture allows Wallor worldwide GPS networks to be compact, yet efficient. In fact, Wallor Cards are the only trackers in the world that run completely on iOT GPS.

Bluetooth 5.1

The Bluetooth 5.1 chip in a Wallor has a range 4x larger than a standard chip. This allows Wallor tracking devices to stay connected from over 100 feet away.

Groundbreaking battery

Wallor tracking devices contain the only battery in the world that last for 20 days without charging. This updated battery is ultra-thin, while still being more powerful than ever with double the lifetime.

Second generation CPU

This CPU is faster than ever, and up to 2x more precise with an Advanced Accelerometer module. Optimization and upgraded technology have boosted overall performance levels across the entire system.