Wallor’s advanced tracking system

What’s better than finding something that was lost? Never losing it in the first place.

Wallor’s AI-powered smart planner alerts you when you’re about to leave a valuable belonging behind.

Step 1

Register your Wallor smart wallet in the Wallor App

Step 2

Pair the tracking tags -- You can tag keys, cards, passports, laptops, or anything you use on a daily basis.

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Smart plan your life

Whether you’re planning to go out for groceries or travel to the airport, Wallor will make sure you never leave anything behind. Wallor smart planning allows you to make a list of trackable items that you want to bring with you on all your different trips. Use this technology to prepare for any unique event in your life.

Always active tracking

The Wallor smart app is actively monitoring the whereabouts of a tagged item 24/7. You can rest assured knowing that your valuables are always being safely monitored.

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