Zoom Full Smart Wallet Set
Zoom Full Smart Wallet Set
Zoom Full Smart Wallet Set
Zoom Full Smart Wallet Set
Zoom Full Smart Wallet Set
Zoom Full Smart Wallet Set
Zoom Full Smart Wallet Set
Zoom Full Smart Wallet Set
Zoom Full Smart Wallet Set
Zoom Full Smart Wallet Set
Zoom Full Smart Wallet Set

Full Smart Wallet Set

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What’s in your wallet right now? I.D cards? Bank cards? The receipt from a first date you wouldn't want to forget, a picture of the kids, a business card from a vital new contact, your medical information? If a stranger walked off with your wallet today, what would you stand to lose?

Wallor 2.0 Full Smart Wallet Package is The BEST smart wallet package with

  • Three wallets of your choice (bifold, cardholder and travel)
  • Worldwide GPS Tracking and data plan included for all three
  • AR Tracking included for all three
  • 1,500/2,500 and 4,000 mAh Detachable Wireless Charging Power Banks.

Made from high-grade Nappa leather, Wallor 2.0 provides countless possibilities both on usage and security. 

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  • Dimensions:

    3.9 x 3.5” (10 x 9cm)

  • Weight:

    0.22lb (100 grams)

  • Storage:

    At least 10 cards

  • Coins:


  • GPS:

    NB-IoT + eMTC + GPRS

  • Coverage:


  • Connectivity:

    Bluetooth 5.1

  • Movement Sensors:

    Accelerometer up to 32 g-forces

  • Sound:

    Built-in Ringer

  • Battery Capacity:

    600 mAh + 2,500 mAh Power Bank

  • Battery Life:

    20 - 30 days

  • Security:

    RFID/NFC blocking

Super Smart Features

Travel worry-free

Your Wallor comes with the latest GPS worldwide tracking technology. Connected through the Wallor app with your smartphone, this technology allows you to locate and track the movement of your smart wallet even from another continent.

Plan your trip ahead

Your personal assistant that actively learns from your behavior and prevents you from forgetting the things that matter the most. Use the Wallor app to plan trips ahead of time and track the items you’ll need.

Track it like Pokémon Go

Augmented reality technology makes finding your lost items easier than ever. Scan an area with your phone’s camera, and you’ll be shown where your Wallor is located in the real world. Finding your treasured belongings is as simple as following the beacon on your screen.

Always protected

With RFID technology commonly found in credit cards and passports, the issue of identity theft has magnified in recent years. Through the exploitation of the science behind RFID, it is now a reality, for thieves to electronically steal credit or confidential information from a distance.

No more dead battery

And when your battery is running low, a completely detachable 1,500 to 4,000 mAh power bank will come to help. This sleek power bank is capable of charging any smartphones with wireless charging capacity.

Find your lost Phone

When you need to find your phone, simply press the Wallor logo on your wallet and your phone will sound an alert, even if it’s on silent.


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