Zoom Bifold Vertical Lite Wallet
Zoom Bifold Vertical Lite Wallet
Zoom Bifold Vertical Lite Wallet
Zoom Bifold Vertical Lite Wallet

Bifold Vertical Lite Wallet

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The Bifold Vertical Lite Wallet is a stylish yet practical wallet. Equipped with a detachable power bank, you’ll never worry about your devices dying. This premium wallet is constructed from luxurious Nappa leather and can hold 10 cards.


Wallor Bifold Vertical



Dimensions 3.5 × 3.9” (9 × 10 cm) Weight 0.22lbs (100 grams) Storage Up to 14 cards Security NFC/RFID Blocking Wireless Charging 2,500 mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank

This wallet will super charge your phone

With a super powerful and thin removable wireless charger

wireless charging

Fast Charge

Charge up to 40% in around 30 minutes with the 10W charge mode on compatible devices.

Removable Wireless Charger


2,500 mAh


4,000 mAh


1,500 mAh

Removable Wireless

What's in the box?

Lite Wallor 2.0

Charging Cable

Removable Wireless Charger Power bank

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Wait, what? What do you mean order now, get it in 60 days? I know, right?

Well, this is not our first rodeo. We launched our first kickstarter campaigin 2016. We worked countless hours in China, negotiated deals, made everything possible to have it delivered

1,000 backers and 2,000 customers later, we listened to everything they said and we decided to upgrade our tech.

You see... we started this business with the sole purpose of building something different, not just from the product side, but from the business operations side as well.

And with our second campaign we did just that, weekly updates, consistent and fully transparent communication, over 10 months spent in China and countless hours with our manufacturers.

So now, we’re almost there. Our leather has been cut, the mobile app is ready, GPS mass production around 50% done and over 1,000 wallets waiting to be put together.

THAT'S WHY 60 DAYS, and that’s why you have access to this super offer, before we finish production.

And if you wonder if this is a good deal, consider this: Right now we are charging a one time payment for the wallet and tags, however, once we launch our product, we will begin charging $5 per month for the data plan alone. So if you order now, you will never have to pay a monthly fee for your Wallor 2.0! Not to mention the 40% off plus free shipping.

Did I mention that once you buy, you will join our awesome VIP community and receive weekly updates and live videos from production?

When was the last time you could see how a product is actually built?

Ah, one more thing, this is a Risk Free Order. If we don’t deliver in 60 days, you’ll get a full refund. It’s that simple.

And if you’re still in doubt, just scroll down to see what our crowdfunding backers say about us

Vio - CEO Wallor Wearables LLC

Real-time GPS tracking system integrated
through 3 worldwide protocols.

Augmented Reality tracking, Track your stuff using your smartphone camera

Free LIFETIME Data Plan,
exclusive to our pre-orders.

Full refund
if we don't deliver on time

10W Fast QI wireless charger
for your phone and wallet

40% discount and
free worldwide shipping.

Thank you

I think its plain obvious how hard you guys are working on getting this out to us in a state better than what was advertised. I think thats well enough for anyone to realise that we need more ppl like you in this world! Keep up the splendid work!

Huzaifa Mubarak

You are doing good man, Best Crowdfunding project I’ve funded! I also agree with all of these comments. Keep up the good work.

Gordy Mouw

I am excited to see the final masterpiece. keep doing the good work! You've got a very happy customer with Wallor 1.0 and look forward to 2.0 and beyond! Keep up the good work you're a champ.


Hey man, I ordered way way back and I've been shadow-following the progress updates and thought it's worth me adding my part.

Genuinely mind blown by the amount of time, effort and dedication you've put into this project, it's incredibly inspiring.

We may not know you as more than the founder, but we're all rooting for you and wish you the best of luck.

Dan Tear